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AfricaCom is just around the corner, taking place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre between 12 and 14 November. It promises to be a super exciting event that will feature a whopping 500 exhibitors – and that’s not including the speakers! With 15,000 people expected to attend, how can exhibitors ensure their stands are not only noticed, but stand out and grab attention? It’s all about getting your exhibition stand design right and using the right materials and experts.

1 – Understanding the space

Without a clear understanding of the space you’ll be working in, getting your exhibition stand manufactured is going to be tricky. You may have a stunning design, but do you have all the logistical information? You’ll need to provide your booth builders with details about the building in which you’ll be exhibiting, and precise location details of where your stand is to be set up.

2 – Making an impact

At a tech and telecoms event like AfricaCom, it’s all about innovation and transformation, so how do you make the right impact? There will be hundreds of other exhibitors, all working just as hard as you are to grab attention and hold it. Over the years, as exhibition stand builders, we have seen some amazing, beautiful and inspired structures – and we’ve built quite a few ourselves. Here it is all about figuring out what will strike the right note in the environment of the exhibition, and what will tell your story most effectively.

3 – Special considerations

Every business is different, and that means, for us, every client is different and unique. When designing and building an exhibition booth, it is critical to ensure all special considerations are met. For example, a client may require their conference stand to be built using only recyclable materials, or they may want an expandable section that can be moved easily. When contracting someone to manufacture your exhibition stand, it is imperative that you make sure they know all your specs.

Our most important tip of all, however, is this: While you are exhibiting at AfricaCom, take a moment to look around and see if there are any stand designs that especially speak to you. Take note of what you found exciting and interesting, and why it appealed to you. Knowing what you like, and what works, can make a huge difference to getting your exhibition stand design right.

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