Tips for Kitchen Remodelling

As probably the most important room in your home, the kitchen is most often underrated for its importance. This is a space that is used multiple times, daily, and can set the tone for your daily existence.

Of course, having a kitchen that is practical for its purpose is important, but this doesn’t mean that a remodel or revamping is not to be considered.  A kitchen can be practical and efficient, yet also be stylish, beautiful and comfortable, not to mention that an updated kitchen is an investment into your home.

When it comes to remodelling your kitchen space, there are certain golden rules that most kitchen designers will agree on.  One has to consider the areas of the space most often utilized and ensure that this central core is efficiently cohesive with the surrounding area, be it the dining room or lounge in an open plan type of set up.

This core, or “golden triangle” as referred to by kitchen designers, is based on the principle that the three appliances used most often (stove, fridge and sink) are aligned in a triangle, allowing for easy access and viewing.  This permits an efficient path through this area, based on how you and your family use your kitchen.

Keeping this in mind, including built-in seating or counter space is great for enlarging a prepping area, while also being perfect for social interaction.  Easier ways to changing the look of your kitchen is by replacing outdated appliances, such a more modern fridge or stove or replacing old fashioned tiles.  Redesigning your whole kitchen style can also be as simple as just replacing or re-painting cabinet doors, to give them a fresh, new look.

Our professional kitchen designers in Cape Town are always abreast of the latest style trends, and will help you revamp the heart of your home, within whatever budget you may have available.

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