Process of Interior Design

The process of interior designing can be as simple or as complicated as one makes it out to be, but broken down into 7 easy to understand stages, making use of our Cape Town interior designers is the first step to completing your interior design journey.

Our interior design process is centred on a collaborative process involving our clients, architects, artists, craftsmen and builders.  The work starts when we hear about your ideas, from where can start our 7 stages, bringing your design into fruition.

Firstly, we start with a schematic design wherein we define the brief and can then decide on the scope of work, your goals, how you want things to function and how you want it to feel.  We do research and can then present your concept.

Next we will create a master plan to make sure that rooms flow harmoniously with intelligent storage inspired by your daily routines.  This is where we will present our ideas for the selections of finishes, sketches and reference imagery, work shopping our vision with you to make sure that we are all happy before moving on.

In the design development stage we create detailed plans of each space, elevate every wall and create 3D representation so that you can continue to the next stage where we result the joinery in 3D, so that you can visualize your home as accurately as possible.  We will then select all your fittings, finishings, lighting and hardware.

With all the previous stages completed, you will then receive a preliminary drawing package with a clear design intent. With your feedback, we then move on to construction documentation.

With the construction documentation, we then submit our ideas for tender, certification and construction, allowing for further testing of ideas, because your luxury will lie in the details.

Our job is then to also facilitate meetings with your builders, acting as your agents and making changes as necessary, pushing for the best possible outcomes within your budget.

The final stage is where the whole project comes together and we curate your collection of furniture, art and accessories. We also take on an admin role and review your furniture plan, track orders and then review against your budget.