Popular Interior Design Styles 2020

As with fashion, interior design styles are an ever evolving construct, which is influenced by current events, spending trends, lifestyle choices, vacation spots, mood boards and previous trends.

While there will always be the steadfast, timeless styles that seem to weather the ravages of time remarkably well, there are other trends that change year upon year, and it is this fascinating phenomenon that is the reason why using the services our interior designers in Cape Town is the best way to ensure that you keep your interior design choices and styles modern and fresh looking.

Our professional team of expert interior designers have made it their mission to keep abreast of the latest trends and styles and they also know where best to source the products that are in keeping with your vision of what you would like to see once your redecorations are done.

With roughly about 20 different popular interior design styles to currently choose from, it would be easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of picking a design trend, especially when having to take into account not only your budget, but also where your home is situated, the architectural style of your home and your individual tastes and preferences.  It is for this reason that we recommend utilizing the services of one of our interior designers.

Besides the better known classics such as modern, art deco, country, coastal or vintage trends, we can advise you best on how to achieve a mid-century modern, minimalist, industrial, urban, transitional, Zen, Hollywood or even Tropical style.  Should you prefer a trend that has more of an assimilated effect, you could even choose an eclectic, bohemian or transitional style.

As with fashion, interior designing is limited only to your imagination and creativity, and our interior designers pride themselves on helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes.