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27 – 30 September 2017 saw the leading international exhibition in South Africa for the automotive service industry, the AutoMechanika Trade Fair Show, take place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre.

This spectacular trade show not only targets Sub-Saharan visitors, but this year it also included 3 additional co-located events:

  • The Futuroad Expo, which is an all-inclusive trade fair and business platform for the truck, bus and commercial vehicle body sectors in sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Scalex, a trade fair for transport systems, infrastructure and logistics solutions;
  • Reifen, an informative exhibition for the tyre sector in addition to the various areas of garage equipment and tools for the tyre sector.

AutoMechanika Trade shows are unique in that they network through a series of 17 events across 15 countries, bringing their wide range of innovative automotive products to around 20 000 international exhibitors and over 600 000 delegates and visitors, making use a network that includes about 120 different trade associations.  The AutoMechanika Trade shows are supported by all the major role players and pioneers in the automotive industry, dealership trade and maintenance and repair enterprise sectors.

This year Extruct Exhibition was very excited to be contracted to custom design and construct the exhibition stand for the ADR Group of Companies. 

The ADR Group, which is based in Indonesia, is a collection of companies which focuses its business enterprises on the production and distribution of automotive components.  They have four business divisions:  Automotive Components, Agro, Property and Investment.

For this year’s AutoMechanika, Extruct Exhibition constructed the ADR Group exhibition stand which could be found in hall 5 of the very versatile and delegate friendly Johannesburg Expo Centre.  Moreover, this stand is once again a great example of the service that Extruct Exhibition strives to deliver to our local and international clients. 

The ADR Group exhibition stand was custom built and designed by our professional team to not only be memorable to the thousands of delegates and visitors, but to also to be a visual guidepost amongst the numerous stands spread out over the 4 interior halls and outdoor exhibition spaces.

This bigger than average stand was custom constructed without using a standard sized shell scheme and incorporated all the stand aspects that the client required.  Clever design and consideration of the limited space available were incorporated to ensure that the ARB Group exhibition stand not only had needed storage space, but also had enough display capacity for their various large showcase pieces.  We were also able to ensure that the wall areas were used optimally to ensure that there was ample opportunity for utilizing digital media together with well placed logo designs and advertising.

Furthermore, this customized construction stand was accessible from multiple angles and also provided comfortable seating arrangement to facilitate productive networking while still having the appearance of being uncluttered and spacious.

Extruct Exhibition prides itself on its attention to detail and we not only created a stand that was professionally constructed, but also ensured that every aspect, ranging from the walls to the floor to the overhead fixtures, was meticulously planned according to what our client’s requirement for this exhibition were. 


ADR Group-Automechinka 2017

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