Exhibition: EXtruct is the preferred supplier for AfricaCom Exhibition

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EXtruct is the preferred supplier at AfricaCom 2016, and therefore we will showcase our dynamic exhibition design. The exhibition and festival runs over 5 days, from 14 -18 November at the acclaimed CTICC in Cape Town.

Since 2015 EXtruct have constructed the following stands:

  1. Afripipes
  2. 6d Tech
  3. Redknee
  4. Comza
  5. Imimobile
  6. Arbor Networks

AfricaCom is the biggest and best tech event in Africa:

First of all, this expo celebrates the economic development and social empowerment through digital connectivity of the industry across Africa and the exhibition will host over 10 000 industry players as well as 375+ exhibitors and also over 300 visionary speakers.

Come to AfricaCom to showcase your product, increase your brand, participate in debates or lead discussions, and network with operators, enterprises, governments and other leaders in the industry. Because AfricaCom is for exploring the AHUB, learning from experts results in sharing ideas and solutions about Africa’s digital future.

At AfricaCom you can boost your brand through key point advertising such as banners at the conference centre, billboards at the airport,  sponsoring meeting rooms and/or discussions or flags along Longstreet.

Most noteworthy when you use AfricaCom you raise your profile through networking as well as having easy access to hosting clients and prospects.

Networking at AfricaCom takes place amidst a relaxed and entertaining environment by utilising  numerous sponsored Coffee Points and The Village, Juice and Smoothie Bars. There will also be WiFi, live music as well as entertainment presenting premier artists.

AfricaCom will save you time and money by placing all the necessary key players in one venue, making the facilitation of meetings with clients and prospects easy. The official housing partners have also negotiated and contracted a range of local hotels to make bookings of rooms simple and fast. You can also hire private meeting rooms.

AfricaCom will also be hosting the awards ceremony for the African TMT industry.

AfricaCom offers a festival of thought provoking content and a unique networking experience as the incubator of Africa’s digital future in business and technology.

This year’s event promises innovation, entrepreneurship and much more tailored content.

Furthermore the Village promises a luxury meeting place, while also being informal and intimate. Participants are from 40 different African countries and 45% of the audience are director level or above, therefore making them high profile industry leaders.

In addition, AfricaCom offers a range of delegate packages, from Platinum at £1050 to Silver at £450 and also free visitor passes. Furthermore you can choose your own journey through a range of content and social activities.

In conclusion, there are still opportunities available to sponsor or exhibit your product. Let AfricaCom help you to develop new business relationships, educate the market on your solutions and consequently raise your brand in one of the highest potential growth markets globally.

Most of all EXtruct Construction are looking forward to meeting you all at the Digital connectivity exhibition.

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