Do you need shop fittings? Design your shop logos and branding to display your personal and unique style with our Retail Shopfitters Cape Town. To have your own creative team to help ease the task of shop fitting, EXtruct Exhibition should be your first call.

Our professional and dedicated team will support your business by ensuring that your vision and dream becomes a reality.  Whether you are starting a new business, branching out or just looking to change the style and feel of your storefront or store layout, we at EXtruct Exhibition can use our expertise to help you get the most out of your available budget, while still making sure that all your needs are met.

Having your shop fitted professionally is more than just putting up your hardware. Our Professional Retail shopfitters Cape Town can do it easily. A professional shopfitting service will encompass all aspects of how to make the most out of your floor space available whether taking into consideration the placing of electrical outlets or taking advantage of the existing structures or fixtures. EXtruct Exhibition can advise you on the best placements of your logo or how to make optimal use of your space.  Our accomplished staff will ensure that your business has a professionally finished look, paying special attention to all the little details such as the practicality and safety of all placed furniture or decorative pieces.

Not only will EXtruct Exhibition be able to design your logo or branding needs, but we will also be able to construct your store ware, logos, and banners. Every detail to a professional shop fitted service will be attended to, ensuring that your business profile meets your expectations.

Whatever your business needs, whether trading with merchandise or servicing customers in the hospitality sector, EXtruct Exhibition promises to help your business look professional.

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