Extruct Exhibition: IHHA 2017

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The 11th International Heavy Haul Association Conference, (IHHA), in partnership with Transnet and the South African Heavy Haul Association (SAHHA) was hosted from 2 September 2017 until 6 September 2017 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Advancing Heavy Haul Technologies and Operations in a Changing World” which was addressed through presentations of technical papers in research and development, sold out technical workshops, technical tours for delegates and social tours for delegates and their partners to visit tourist attractions in Cape Town.

Most noteworthy is that the key areas that were focussed on at this year’s IHHA conference were development areas such as Rolling Rock, Railway Infrastructure and Operations and not to mention the market downturn due to lower commodity prices, low GDP growth rates and a lessened demand for freight commodities such as coal and iron ore.

This year’s platinum sponsor, Transnet, was central to the discussions on the survival of the railways after current market let downs and also arranged site visits specifically aimed at the delegates whereby they could visit Transnet’s Heavy Haul Railways and ports.

This outstanding IHHA event also hosted technical track workshops which were based on the book published by the IHHA – Guidelines to Best Practises for Heavy Haul Railway Operations:  Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Issues.  These informative workshops, which took place before the conference, were completely sold out.

Furthermore, up for discussion at this conference were motive streams that focussed on vehicle track systems, tracks, bridges and tunnels, operations, rolling stock and motive power, traction and energy efficiency.  All of which Transnet, the platinum sponsor of IHHA 2017, is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain in South Africa. 

As hosts for a wide variety of panel discussions and sessions at this well established conference Transnet acquired the professional services of Extruct Exhibition to construct their very impressive and memorable exhibition stand.

This booth not only showcased Extruct Exhibition’s exceptional service, but was also proof of their ability to maximise the use of minimal floor space available.  This sturdy exhibit was multi-dimensional and designed to utilize multiples levels. 

Our digital expertise was observable by the use of numerous interactive digital displays while our staff also ensured that all furnishings supplied were practical, stylish and modern.  Interestingly, our construction team once again paid attention to the finer details such as the placing of the Transnet logos, the choice of floor covering, to the designing of the floor plan while also ensuring a fluid transition between the ground level and the first floor lounging space. 

Extruct Exhibition also guaranteed that networking while meeting with delegates from Transnet and the other exhibitors at the IHHA, at this visually creative beacon, was convenient because our high standards once again assured delegates that the stand was built to the highest safety standards.

Taking care of all the logistics, planning and placing of crucial utilities, Extruct Exhibition also ensured that the construction of Transnet’s unique stand made the most out of safely placing all the necessary and scores of power points while even leaving space in their planning for storage facilities. 

Lastly, Extruct Exhibition would like to showcase this Transnet exhibition stand as confirmation of its professional design and construction services.


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