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Once again proving the versatility and ability of Extruct Exhibition to cater to our clients’ needs anywhere in South Africa, we had the immensely gratifying experience of bringing our expertise to the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, for the 2017 Africa Rail Exhibition.

This convention, which ran from 13-14 June2017, has over the last two decades become the unrivalled platform for the African continent’s railway industry to come together:  to learn, network and do business.  Africa Rail 2017 was Africa’s largest and only rail exhibition.

Exhibitioners at this “must attend” event needed two massive halls in the Sandton Convention Centre to accommodate all the stands and attendees and it is the most successful and well attended railways conference and exhibition in Africa.  The 2017 conference hosted 6300 attendees, 500 VIP’s and 173 exhibitors.

This year, Extruct Exhibition had the distinct pleasure of constructing the stand for CRRC Corporation Limited.  CRRC is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies.  They are committed to supplying products and services that offer energy-saving, cost efficiency, intelligence, speed and comfort.  This multinational company is headquartered in Beijing and has 46 wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries and over 180 000 employees.

It is most noteworthy to report that construction of the stand for CRRC was multi-dimensional and is an extraordinary example of the professional services and standards of Extruct Exhibition.  This stand was quite visually stimulating and outstanding amongst the other exhibitioners as special attention was paid to every detail of the construction.

Extruct Exhibition could showcase our ability to construct a stand that not only had to be considerate of the floor space available, electrical outlet availability but also required consideration of height dimensions and optimal use of space allocated.

This stand was most certainly not a standard shell scheme, but was created and constructed to be unique.  The booth was built to create an illusion of walking into an actual CRRC office and thus allowed this client to have a memorable stand.

Special attention was paid to create an area that not only showcased CRRC’s products and services, specifically some of their locomotive and train models, but also to creating areas that made networking in the stall itself easy and comfortable which could cater to large or smaller, intimate groupings.  Attendees were also afforded separate areas for viewing the products available while not being hampered or distracted by discretely placed bins or decorative plants.

Information about the company’s products were not only on display on the interior walls of the stand, but were also accessible through the use of multiple electronic screens and aids.  Extruct Exhibition was able to professionally mount these devices without needing to compromise on the stall safety and security and most importantly, we were able to make optimal use of the electrical outlets available.

Everything in the stall, from the layout of the floor design, to the structured placement of the light fittings inserted into the roof and top of the stand, was planned with proficiency which enabled the CRRC stand to be attractive yet functional.

Lastly, not only was this stand constructed to appeal to attendees and other exhibitors, but also constructed to cater for the additional storage space required by the client.  Smart use of logo coverage and decoration ensured that this stand, when viewed from any angle, showcased the professional attention to detail that is but only one of Extruct Exhibition’s trademarks.

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